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We are Go2Markets

Go2markets team has over 20 years’ experience dedicated to bringing on the European market cutting-edge technical solutions, expanding and developing partners’ businesses.

Besides the innovative technologies, go 2 markets also provides to its customers deployment and operations expertise, after-sales and day-to-day support, simultaneously, for each point of sale in partners’ network.

We do business by heart, with all our heart!

Sometimes we struggle alone on the path trying to get success on our side, when it’s easier to rely on trustable, proficient partners and intelligent technology, which make the trip towards the winners’ position easier.

Whether you are a business dealing directly with customers, trying hard to offer them an extraordinary purchasing experience, while maximizing the efficiency of your organization, or you are a high technology expert, offering creative solutions which can change the world, but still searching for the right way to meet the customers, to come in their path and talk to them.

Why not make things simpler?

Our Protfolio

Upgrade with cutting-edge technology

Beekeeper is an award-winning mobile communication platform for non-desk employees, creating transparent and open

mobile environments where people can educate, support and inspire each other.


Reach all employees

Reach every single employee in your entire organization by enabling fast and secure 1:1 and group communication

Boost engagement

A channel for the CEOs to speak to their team, a place to share knowledge, celebrate success, and the uniqueness of the brand.

Increase efficiency

Bring efficiency to the next level with better targeted communication and a more connected workforce

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Our Team

Curious by nature, I'm passionate about life, family, friends, work and everything that wheels around business and technology, with more than 20 years of experience in telecom and internet industry with a strong background in management, consulting sales and marketing.
Filipe Silva
Business Developer, Portugal
Entrepreneur for last 7 years , sales experience for 20 years, managing teams experience for 15 years in retail, telecom, media markets.

My guidline : Live today with passion,look for tomorow with faith.
Ciprian Matrache
Business Developer, Romania
I’m experienced, +20 years, executive and leader within international technology corporations, enthusiastic in everything I do, passionate about business development, finding solutions and helping customers creating win-win solutions. Entrepreneur, with strong communications skills and capability to successfully work in multi-cultural, cross-boarding environment.
Saša Pigac
Business Developer, Adriatic Region
Experienced in Digital Media with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.

Certified lawyer opted for the ultimate combination of law and marketing to achieve the company goals.
David Eisha
Sales Operation Manager
I am well organized and highly motivated professional, graduated in London and experienced in Business and Marketing Management. I have operated and managed two enterprises and as a marketer I believe that strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability, and growth. My goal is to implement and support the integration of technological advancements on the EU market.
Atanas Chiflidjanov
Product Marketing Manager
I am an electronic engineer and i activated in mobile telecommunication for more than 20 years.
I worked for Dancall Mobile,Bosch Mobile, Ericsson, Nokia and other companies.

I like technical innovations and troubleshooting technical challenges.
Adrian Jincovici
Head of technical &implementation
I'm passionate about continuous improvement and excellence. Whether it be partnering with international vendors or with my clients to achieve new levels of capability in their businesses. Throughout the past 15 years I have worked with my clients to build trusted, respectful, and mutually beneficial relationships to solve some of the biggest challenges in IT and business.
Dolores Dols
BDM, Spain

Our Vision

To introduce technology innovations in the European markets and to provide them with a A to Z services
for these markets, including marketing, sales, after sales service, logistics.

Go 2 markets is exactly what we did in the last 20 years, with very successful results.

We did it for Mitsubishi mobile in 5 countries, for Samsung in Romania and in the last for MCE, in 25
countries, with more than 50 retailers and operators, all over Europe, with Save&GO brand!

For all these companies we developed from scratch the go to market processes, including the business
model, marketing, communication, sales and distribution, but also support and after-sales service.
so, we are the correct address for you, to start your vision in your country.
We will bring you the right products/services and you will bring your talent and connections.
Together will develop win win program.


Thanks a lot, and a smiling day.

Isaac Waldman-CEO/owner

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