Targeted mobile advertising

Selectivv is a unique platform for creating, implementing and optimizing in-app advertising campaigns on mobile devices. The technology makes it possible to reach specific audience, who uses mobile applications, in a certain place and time, and the results are high better than the classic advertising!


Current and historical data allow profiling before any click interaction of the user.


The combination of rich profiling and information about location allows a precise targeting.


Geo-profiling and Geo-targeting allow defining the specific location of ad delivery.

Boosted RTB

Acquisition and analysis of input from multiple networks, presented in our platform as organized and consistent data.

Selectivv offers the tools to manage, run and analyze, via a single platform,
campaigns across multiple networks. Plan and deliver your ads to millions of users, through more than 20 global advertising networks, covering 210.000 + apps.

Establishing a precise targeting
Selectivv offers the possibility of establishing a precise targeting, by creating profiles through layering several complementary criteria (gender and language; device type and OS; location and time; apps installed and used in the last 2 weeks; current app in use) and intersecting them for maximum accuracy and relevance of the defined target.

Had an event or interested in the audience who visited a certain place (like malls, cinema, concert)?
With Selectivv history is no longer history, but becomes present. The geo-trapping feature allows retargeting people who were in a certain place, on a specific date, during the last 2 weeks.

Explore this booming channel of in-app ads and enjoy spectacular results!

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