The perfect match for all the needs of your recruitment process.


Fast recruitment process, due to automatization of main functions, perfect transparency and collaboration between all parts involved, through an easy-to-use, cloud-based, platform.


Best personnel selected, due to proprietary "reciprocal matching" algorithm, immediately signalizing the matching options for a new position, from new to already existing in the database applicants.


Substantial cost savings, due to less work hours required for the recruitment process, more functions and data covered automatically and higher autonomy versus third party / outsourcing companies.

Redmatch concept
Patented reciprocal matching algorithm, creating a Real-Time matrix engine that screens and filters the best candidate for each job, considering the requirements, profile but also preferences.

Redmatch Added Value
One interface for all verticals of the recruiting process: position creation, approval and publishing; external and internal application collection and database development; automated ranking, matching and recommendation of suitable candidates; screening and interviewing management tool, intra-organization and towards the candidates; tracking, monitoring, managing and reporting platform; external sources and candidates interface and database.

Localization and Language Support for applications and CV search in local language.

Integration and interaction - Redmatch can interact with many on boarding, testing, background checks, payroll and HRIS systems.

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