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Seize the opportunity to grow with us!

People need more time, more money and a flexible schedule.

We offer you the possibility to gain additional income; you don’t have to stop what you are currently doing

You decide how much you get involved and how much money you want to earn

You will receive a big part of the revenue, for the entire period of customer’s contract

The better you are, the more you can grow! You can even achieve your own local private business and get exclusivity rights!

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Please share with us by email your background and experience (resume) – if you haven’t done it by now… We will appraise how well your profile is matching our requirements and we will evaluate together the partnership possibilities.

We will provide you all the details: commission matrix, portfolio presentations, business plan, contract proposal etc.


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About us

We are a very dynamic company, with proven success of bringing into European market cutting-edge products and services, for over 15 years.

We invested more than 20 mil Euro and had revenues of over 350 mil Euro in 25 countries.

Our team members are very experienced, creative and dedicated professionals with relevant expertise in the high-tech field.

We are specialized in bringing to Europe top high-tech solutions from the no. 1 Technology Innovation country, Israel, but not only.

We are carefully selecting only the best solutions, which are bringing unique advantages to our customers.

Our partners rely on us to provide them full services for these markets, including: product customization to local requirements, portfolio management, pre-sales support, marketing, sales, field deployment, after sales service, logistics and finance.