Full solution for end-user authorization by signature of any deal or document, in a paper-free environment.


e-document creator, e-signature collection, digital sealing & e-delivery of documents or transactions with authentic (graphometry) electronically captured hand-writing signature.

Saves huge amounts

Saves huge amounts on direct and indirect paper-related costs.

Sign any document

Enables to electronically sign any document, anywhere, anytime and by any means.

Full Green Deal
Full WYSWYS ('what-you-see-is-what-you-sign') platform, allowing full document display on the signing screen and promotional messages while on idle.

Customized, intuitive software
Converts documents to sign-able pdfs, collects the hand-written signature(s), encrypts the signed document into a forgery-proof file and delivers by email or local/network saves local/network

Plug & play 10" touch screen with active pen
Allows display of marketing messages, scrolling of the document by the end-user, to read & agree on the info, digitizing & collecting the hand signature

Plug-and-play snapshot scanner/camera
Allows snapshot of ID/driving license, to embed a copy to the document to be signed.

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