Your own RoboHacker, that Continuously generates Simulated Penetration Attacks, 24/7, by imitating the Behavior of a Human Hacker, thus preventing the attacks before
they can occur.

Non-stop, all-inclusive cyberwatch

Secures computer systems 24/7, with automated Penetration Tests on the entire IP based system, returning not only infrastructure mapping and vulnerabilities on each machine, but full attack path scenarios.

Fast Find Fix

Provides recommendations to IT / Security Team for critical path of possible attacks, immediate fixes of vulnerabilities and M2M integration enabling security equipment to block intruders.

Intelligent Security Intelligence

Provides BI Security with a tool to check the exposure of an organization under various parameters, over time, allowing the design of efficient, effective & sophisticated protection of enterprise resources.

Unique Automated Behavior
- Implements automatically the full cycle of penetration testing: scanning the network (all IP base), collecting vulnerabilities (known, but also newly discovered, dark-web ones), constructing possible attack scenarios (as a human hacker would do, including two-steps / multiple steps attacks), logic-testing the scenarios (and thus avoiding the false positives) and returning results for immediate preventive action.

- Fully autonomous, on premise machine, which can be multiplied as the network requires and programed to run in loop, on a specific schedule.

Get on your side the creative mind of a human hacker, magnified by the efficiency and speed of a robot.

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